How to Set Up Your Consulting Game

Consulting is a competitive trade. Become complacent, and changes in your area of expertise will begin to pass you by. What’s more, without having the ability to properly assess and convey in digestible terms where and how an organization needs improvement, a career in consulting is doomed to failure. There are programs available that have built their pedigree on training consultants to maximize their efficacy and therefore their profits. One such organization is the CAPCO program.

The CAPCO program equips consultants with what they need now to become industry leaders going forward. The CAPCO Associate Talent Program places consultants in a rigorous and involving training regime. The course provides an overview of the rapidly changing financial services sector, along with instructions on the regulatory hurdles and risks that financial firms are faced with. In addition to gaining key industry knowledge, CAPCO offers hands-on skills training that culminate in a live client assignment. CAPCO’s program walks you through the very beginning stages before ramping up the training regime, until finally you emerge as a fully-equipped consultant.

Another training platform for those seeking to improve their consultant know-how is the Association for Talent Development, or ATD. ATD employs a 5-D consulting model that trains consultants on establishing clear goals with clients, managing expectations, and yielding results worthy of respect. Consultants who undergo ATD’s training program will be able to walk customers through industry obstacles and regulatory barriers, as well as craft workable plans that instill trust in clients.

McKinsey & Company is another reputable consultant training firm that is worthy of mention. They invest over $100 million in their program each year that is designed to aid consultants in developing skills in communication, building relationships, improving confidence, and planning careers. Embark, their flagship consultant training program, teaches its students how build their own network of clients, how to specialize in a particular field, and the best ways to stay ahead of the curve in learning new methods in their field.

Working to become a successful consultant is a difficult task. Many crash and burn within their first couple of years. The knowledge and skills an instruction program can impart on future consultants is immiscible. For many, it will mean the difference between success and failure in their chosen fields. Even a seasoned consultant whose business has grown a bit stagnant can expect significant dividends by enrolling in consultant training led by professionals.