Additions to Aventura Mall Miami

Aventura Mall in Miami, Florida has many exciting new changes coming to their shopping center this year. Shoppers have much to look forward to from the Aventura Mall if they enjoy luxury brands. The already very choice shopping destination will more than likely grow even further in popularity for shoppers in Florida and even tourists visiting Florida because of an addition to the mall to make space for more retailers.

Already two new retailers have recently joined the two point seven million square feet mall -St. John and 120 Percent Lino- and more are to come following the completion of the addition. The addition will be three levels and make up about three hundred and fifteen thousand square feet of space. It will have a VIP concierge service area and a garden.

Jackie Soffer who is married to Craig Robins, is the owner of Aventura Mall, says that the mall attracts about twenty-eight million shoppers yearly. She points out that the mall sells many ten thousand dollar or twenty thousand dollar handbags, but that a five-million-dollar ring is not really something customers of the mall need. The mall has people from all walks of life who visit and shop from the wide variety of retailers there.

The mall is already anchored by Nordstrom’s, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. All of whom carry Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Fendi, Emilio Pucci, Bally and Burberry. Although the anchors and many other retailers in the shopping mecca sell luxury brands, actual majority of the retailers are not higher end and there are various price ranges in the Aventura Mall.

The decision to make an addition to the mall came about because of competition in the area and as a way to draw in more shoppers and tourists. The Aventura Mall is the third largest shopping mall in the United States, but they still need to keep up with competition. Brazil’s economy downward spiral, Russia’s recession and the strong United States dollar has led to less shoppers from Brazil and Russia in Miami.

Brazilian and Russian tourists used to be more frequent to the area and they often bought luxury brand items in the past. The area has more American tourists or American shoppers making purchases, but the mall is still doing what it can to keep up with other shopping malls and options so shopper will choose them.