Organizations Where You Can Donate Your Car

Have an old clunker lying around? Get a tax write-off by donating your car to some deserving charities.
Kars 4 Kids

Established in 1994, Kars 4 Kids goes the route of being a public service that doesn’t depend on private sector donations, to fund its charity. This method has proven to be a bonanza for Kars 4 Kids, as it provides a sustained revenue stream. To further maximize the full value of all vehicle donations, Kars 4 Kids handles every aspect of the donation, thereby eliminating any outside processors. This means more revenue goes to its charity programs. Children and families are the focus of Kars 4 Kids charities. Its mission seeks to provide opportunities for all children through mentoring and community outreach.

Islamic Relief USA
As a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt charity, Islamic Relief USA,™ provides worldwide humanitarian relief for over 20 years. Its mission seeks to eliminate hunger, disease, and illiteracy regardless of an individual’s color, creed, religion or race. Compassionate aid in a dignified way, Islamic Relief USA,™ helps communities in need during times of crisis and disaster and assists in establishing self-reliance programs. Vehicle donations provide funds to Islamic Relief USA,™ which provides nourishment, clothing and clean, drinking water to individuals in need in the United States and around the world.

Habitat for Humanity
Automobile, truck, plane and boat donations support Habitat for Humanity’s commitment to families. Nearly one-third of automobiles received come back as refurbished parts or recycled. Using recycled materials promotes a better environment by using less natural resources and reduces pollution. 80% of a vehicle’s worth returns to Habitat for Humanity, after processing from Advanced Remarketing Services.

Wheels For Wishes
Vehicle donations to Wheels for Wishes gives every child an opportunity to succeed in life. Donations help fund Wheels For Wishes charity Make-A-Wish, and its nationwide chapters. Funds derived from donated vehicles helps deliver wishes to children afflicted with severe medical conditions. Delivering a wish to a sick child shifts their focus from being sick to one of hope and just being a kid, and the fun that comes with it.

Car Donation Wizard
Individuals donating to Car Donation Wizard have the opportunity to select from a lineup of bona fide non-profit and charitable organizations, where their funds go. All donations are tax-deductible. Car Donation Wizard accepts trucks, automobiles, trailers, recreational vehicles, personal watercraft, boats, and motorcycles. It recycles vehicles, maximizing the value of donations, with nearly 80% of all donation value returned to Car Donation Wizard.