Crystal Lagoons Brings New Value to FL Real Estate

Fernando Fischmann’s Crystal Lagoons recently joined one of the largest real estate developments in Florida, SoLē Mia, which is part of a joint venture between LeFrak and Turnberry Associates. Turnberry Associates is owned by Jackie Soffer ( and her brother, Jeffrey, and LeFrak is owned by prominent business man, Richard LeFrak.

Fischmann originally joined the real estate field amassing investment equities. However, in 1986 he procured sixty hectares of countryside off the shore of middle Chile. With the plan to establish a vacation getaway, Fischmann here originated a simulated natural marsh which he deemed, San Alfonso Del Mar. The San Alfonso Del Mar pond was unveiled for the first time in December of 2006. This endeavor led Fischmann to expand on his means for sustaining the immaculateness and transparency of the water.

Fischmann developed his scientific know-how to sustain immense amounts of translucent water with minimal maintenance cost. Fischmann’s idea centered around its computerized system of ultra-sonic filtration and electronic pulsing. Unlike other setups, the use of chlorine for water refinement is non-existent. Just as important, the energy consumption of the filtration system is proportionate to two percent of the power expended by pools with typical filtration arrangements.

The Crystal Lagoons infrastructure works with essentially all types of water including freshwater, brackish water, and salt water. In addition, the aquifer mechanics enable runoff water to be refined via a separate treatment lagoon. In this separate lagoon, the water is collected into underground reservoirs to be used when necessary. This not only stores water, but helps conserve it when weather conditions get extra dry.

With its exclusive technology, these artificial marshes feature droves of sensors and tiny injectors that add purifying chemicals where and when they are required. This makes way for a more conducive cleaning approach to pool maintenance. Most pool setups typically lean on a great amount of chlorine to destroy bacteria. However, if a pond the size of some Crystal Lagoons were to be treated with chemicals, it would necessitate massive amounts of chlorine.

With land, it can be difficult to differentiate between one property and another. Man-made Crystal Lagoons ( allow property owners to provide aquatic and recreational sports. A glimmering artificial pond adds capital to a vast amount of real estates. In addition to this, Lagoons can be built anyplace with a water source, even if it is underground. With Crystal Lagoons, a realtor not only adds capital to their investment but can also revolutionize the lifestyle of a populace.