The Power Behind Turkey in The Energy Sector

What many people are unfamiliar with is the large energy sector in Turkey’s economy. One of the main companies behind it is the Habboush Group and its CEO Wadie Habboush. They are excited about Turkey’s future because they absolutely believe that the energy sector in Turkey and its neighbors, including Iraq, could be one of the fastest growing emerging markets in the world over the next five years. This positive outlook is in spite of the fact that presently the region is in a period of global recession. Even though the economies of the region are reacting sluggishly, the affirmative outlook of the Habboush Group and others for the future is based on the fact that Turkey has been the fastest growing economy in the region for two out of the last three years. In Addition to those facts, the energy sectors in Turkey are where everyone is seeing positive economic movement happening. Because of this, it is Wadie Habboush and the Habboush Groups opinion that the energy sector is not just the most important sector for the growth of the Turkish economy but that it is the most important sector for economic growth of that entire region of the middle east.

Wadie Habboush has been working in this region for decades and is experienced in operating and maintaining massive energy and infrastructure projects. In addition to these assets, he is also focusing on the development and management of other energy-related projects to their completion. In Turkey, the Habboush Group has become involved in developing power generation plants in addition to similar projects in Southern Iraq. Because of the group’s commitment to energy production and distribution, it is clear that The Habboush Group, Turkey, and Southern Iraq can play a cooperative role in moving the region forward by forging an economic link while sharing strategies and cross-border resources. The Habboush Group also believes strongly in the Turkish economy as well as Iraq’s economy. This is an obvious conclusion if you just look at the economics and the region’s demographics.

When energy is discussed most people are talking about a $200 plus billion-dollar oil and gas market in Iraq and Turkey. This is in spite of the fact that no one has used any modern day data gathering techniques to precisely assess the potential market. Most of this is based on the area and the deposits that are already known to exist in the region. Because of this data, Iraq has already built important affiliations with distinguished companies involved the energy sector and other forms in infrastructure. What happens from here on out with the Habboush Group and these reserves all depends on what the Habboush Group and its CEO Waddie Habboush are trying to accomplish as a business in the region. Istanbul is a wonderfurl metropolitan city. It is also a true economic and cultural hub between the east and west. Because of these reasons and others, it seems to be the obvious choice of the energy capital for Turkey and Iraq where buyers and sellers of energy resources and other goods can come together and profit.